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When a Modbus COM port device is inserted in the tree, only static assignment of the parameters is possible.

If it is necessary for the assignment to be dynamic, then the complete handling must be implemented in the IEC code

Please note that the I/O Manager does not synchronize the different processes in the dynamic configuration.

This can cause the update behavior of the variables to differ from the static configuration, especially if it is accessed from several tasks.

  • Create a "Standard project" and select CODESYS Control Win V3 as the device.
  • Define the target system by means of the Network scan.

  • Open the Library Manager and add the Netzwork library.
    • IoDrvModbus
    • SysCom
    • SysTypes2 Interfaces

  • Adapt the POU PLC_PRG as follows:


        xComPortOpen         : BOOL;
        xComPortError        : BOOL;
        rtsResult            : RTS_IEC_RESULT;
        stComPortSettings    : SysCom.ComSettings; 
        hComPort             : RTS_IEC_HANDLE;
        awReadBuffer         : ARRAY[0..31] OF WORD;        //note: adjsut to your requirements, max. is 128 Modbus Registers
        awWriteBuffer        : ARRAY[0..31] OF WORD;
        xExec                : BOOL;
        fbModbusRequest      : IoDrvModbus.ModbusRequest2;
        eComError            : IoDrvModbus.MB_ErrorCodes;


    IF(NOT xComPortOpen AND NOT xComPortError) THEN
        stComPortSettings.sPort := 3;
        stComPortSettings.byStopBits := 1;
        stComPortSettings.byParity := 0;            //EVEN:=2, ODD:=1 or NONE:=0*
        stComPortSettings.ulBaudRate := 19200;    //1200, 2400, 4800, ..., 115000 bps
        stComPortSettings.ulTimeout := 0;
        stComPortSettings.ulBufferSize := 256;    //Equals max size of Modbus packet
        hComPort := SysCom.SysComOpen2( pSettings := ADR(stComPortSettings), pSettingsEx := 0, pResult := ADR(rtsResult)); 
        xComPortError := (hComPort = RTS_INVALID_HANDLE OR rtsResult <> 0);
        xComPortOpen := NOT xComPortError;
    IF(xComPortOpen) THEN
        //apply new command
        fbModbusRequest.modbusCommand.uiFunctionCode := 23;        //Reda/Write Multiple Register
        fbModbusRequest.modbusCommand.uiReadOffset := 0;
        fbModbusRequest.modbusCommand.uiReadLen := 2;
        fbModbusRequest.modbusCommand.uiWriteOffset := 0;
        fbModbusRequest.modbusCommand.uiWriteLen := 2;
        fbModbusRequest.pRecvData := ADR(awReadBuffer);
        fbModbusRequest.pSendData := ADR(awWriteBuffer);    
        fbModbusRequest.tResponseTimeout := T#500MS;
        //note: if different tasks access the IO-Buffers then use some intermediate buffers 
        //      that are thread safe (use e.g mutex or semaphore) before calling the FB
            hComPort := hComPort,
            xExecute := xExec,
            usiSlaveAddr := 2, 
            byModbusError => eComError);
        IF(fbModbusRequest.xDone) THEN
            //here you get valid data
            IF(awWriteBuffer[0] = awReadBuffer[0]) THEN
        ELSIF(fbModbusRequest.xError) THEN
            IF(eComError = MB_ErrorCodes.RESPONSE_TIMEOUT) THEN        //no cable plugged, wrong Com-Port settings ?

  • Start the project and test the functionality.