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Installing via the Store

You can obtain a 'standalone' installation of the CODESYS Gateway (V3.5) via the following Store Link:

>> CODESYS Edge Gateway for Windows 

The CODESYS Edge Gateway can be operated on a controller or on a stand-alone device in the local network.
It also allows the CODESYS Automation Server, and all clients that establish a connection via the Automation Server (so CODESYS and the Webvisu/Browser) full access to all services provided by the runtime system via the communication interfaces.

The Edge Gateway works on all runtime systems with CODESYS Control V3.5 SP10 or higher.
A current IDE version is only needed if the the gateway must be configurated (f.e. CODESYS Automation Server).

Installing via the standard CODESYS Setup

The solution would require a 2 GB download of the CODESYS Setup, just to install the gateway component.
This should only be considered as an emergency solution, and is not recommended (especially since there is the standalone installation from the store)!

  • In this case, the gateway – understandably – 'matches' the CODESYS IDE, in addition to which the gateway is registered automatically as a service.
  • To do this, select only the gateway in the setup during the installation:

  • You can see in the services, or by the symbol in the task bar, whether the gateway is running (if it was installed via CODESYS):

Starting manually from the folder "GatewayPLC"

  • Copy the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\3S CODESYS\GatewayPLC from an existing CODESYS installation to any desired directory on the computer on which the gateway is to run.
  • Create a shortcut to the file GatewayService.exe and add the destination in the properties with the option "-d" (<Path>GatewayPLC\CODESYSControlService.exe -d).
    The gateway thus starts in debug mode and displays the log outputs. You can also add this shortcut to the Windows start menu.

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