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  1. Visu: Fonts

    See also our help for Visualization Manager - Tab: Font Settings The tab provides settings for adapting the font and its size in the visualization according to the language. The settings apply to all visualizations of th
    CODESYS FAQNov 20, 2023
  2. IIoT Libraries SL

    IIoT-Cloud FAQ's: Q1: Is it possible to transfer files to the cloud via the functions provided by the CODESYS IIoT Library? A1: The content of files can be transfer via MQTT or HTTPS.       Our libraries transport byte arrays or WSTRRINGs. Q2: How exactly is there to proceed? A2: You have to load the file and send it
    CODESYS FAQDec 06, 2023
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    CODESYS FAQ / … / Visu: FontsJun 21, 2023
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