The MultiTouch no longer works on a Linux Taget. 
On newer Linux PLCs with a Target Visualization, it can happen that the MultiTouch functions are no longer completely or incorrectly executed as expected. 

For a Codesys code and application example, go to our Codesys Store: MultiTouch Example


In the PLC ".cfg" configuration file, the MultiTouch option must be activated and configured as follows:


On Windows Runtime based platforms, the option is not needed because here the detection is automatic, but on Linux platforms it can be a problem.

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Setting affecting the way the support of touch/multi-touch features is detected. The following values are possible at the moment:

o  0: No touch support at all

o  1: Derive touch support from the according operating system window

o  2: Explicitly activate single touch support

o  6: Explicitly activate multi touch support (includes single touch in fact)