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There are two different ways to install packages: from the CODESYS user interface and as a download from the CODESYS Store.

The type of installation does not have any effect on the functional scope of a package.

The advantage of installing from the CODESYS user interface is that all future updates can be installed very conveniently via the Package Manager.

The login credentials for the download can be saved, thus eliminating the need to type it again for other packages.

From the CODESYS user interface

  1. Open the Store tab by clicking the Shopping cart button in the toolbar.

    Because no user information has been saved yet, you cannot log in.

  2. Select the desired package, for example by means of the search function.

  3. Click the Download button to open the login page.

    Type in you login credentials here and click the Login button.
    A dialog prompt opens you to save the login data.

    Click Yes to confirm, as long as you want to log in without typing in your credentials again after a restart.

  4. Then click the Accept button to confirm the license conditions.

    A dialog opens with a progress bar for the download.

  5. Now the actual installation process begins.

    Here you have to reconfirm the license condition, select the recommended setup, and click the Next button to start the installation.

    These installation dialogs will also prompt you for the installation directory.
    Here the directory of the current Windows user is recommended by default.

    The package contents (for example, sample projects) are installed in this directory.
    For some packages, you are prompted to restart the CODESYS development environment after the installation.

    This is done even if the Package Manager already indicates a successful installation.

  6. When you click the Store tab again after restarting the development environment, you will already be logged in and you can install more packages.

    The login credentials are saved until you log out from the Store tab and close CODESYS.

As a download from the CODESYS Store

Some customers have reported problems, which we cannot reproduce, when downloading with Internet Explorer.
If you experience any problems, then we recommend that you use Firefox or Chrome.

  1. Open the CODESYS Store in a browser: 
    CODESYS Store North America:, USA, Canada und Mexico
    CODESYS Store International:, all other released countries

  2. Select the desired package by proceeding as in steps 2–4 from the user interface installation.
    Here you have to decide whether to install the package or save it to the hard drive.

    In case you save the package, the file is saved to the download directory of the current Windows user.

  3. Open the Package Manager via the Tools/Package Manager in the CODESYS development environment.

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