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The architecture of CODESYS makes it possible to install several versions of CODESYS in parallel on one computer, even in the same directory.

This description provides recommendations regarding what needs to be observed as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the different variants.

Installation in the same directory

Several CODESYS versions can be installed at the same time in the same directory.

In doing so the following must be observed (recommendation):

  • Never install an older CODESYS version over a newer one
  • Never uninstall an older CODESYS version

This can lead to unexpected effects.


  • All previously installed packages will be available automatically after the installation of the new version.


  • Only the newest version of CODESYS Control Win V3 and the gateway are available
  • Problems with the installation are difficult to solve without affecting the other installations

Installation in different directories

You can also install each version in a separate directory.


  • You can uninstall each version separately
  • Gateway and CODESYS Control Win V3 exist separately for each version


  • All previously installed packages are not automatically included in the new CODESYS version and must be installed again.

Please note that in both cases the repositories are commonly used by all CODESYS versions. This can lead to unexpected behavior

  • when creating new projects
  • when diverting library placeholders
  • when referencing libraries with "latest" (which one should never do, except for interface and use case libraries

For advanced users

Versions can also be installed completely separately (including the repositories)

Proceed as follows to do this:

  1. Make sure that the directory C:\ProgramData\CODESYS does not exist, or rename it if necessary.
  2. Install the first CODESYS version.
  3. Move the directory C:\ProgramData\CODESYS into the installation directory of the first CODESYS version (e.g. to <CODESYS_install_dir>\CODESYS)
  4. Open the file <CODESYS_install_dir>\CODESYS\Settings\RepositoryLocations.ini and replace all paths to C:\ProgramData\CODESYS by the new path (search/replace).
  5. Proceed in exactly the same way with the second CODESYS installation.