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The software package “IIoT Libraries SL” contains libraries for IIoT communication, and libraries for reading and writing of data structures.


How to get started

The CODESYS documentation does not serve as a tutorial for setting up and administering a Google Cloud IoT service.
For details about that , you must read the Google Cloud IoT documentation.

  1. Install the IIoT package from CODESYS Installer or the CODESYS Store: IIoT Libraries SL (DE)/(EN)/(US)
  2. After the Install, please read the datasheet from the installation folder:
    f.e. C:\Users\<USERNAME>\IIoT Libraries SL\<version>\DataSheets\en\Google Cloud IoT Core Client SL_en.pdf

    This datasheet gives an overview of the steps required to get started.
    For more detail on how to use Google's Google Cloud IoT Core tools, you need to follow Step 3.

  3. Read the Google Cloud IoT Core documentation [link].
  4. Run the example from
    e.g. C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Google Cloud IoT Core Client SL\<version>\Google Cloud IoT Core Client SL Example.project

  5. With the MQTT sample application, you must enter all the info (see picture, green boxes) from your Google Cloud account:

  • Execute the "Execute" button (see image, red box - button).

  • Now you can use the four functions above.

  • The correct JSON you should enter, you have to get from the Google Cloud IoT documentation.

  • JSON Utilities SL, which is also included in the IIoT Libraries SL bundle, may help you in handling JSON.  See its example at C:\Users\<USERNAME>\JSON Utilities SL\<version>\JSON Utilities SL Example.project