How to debugging a Visu Exception if there is an Visu exception shown in the Visualization:

Step-by-step guide

Use the following Option:

  1.  Execute Tools -> Customize - 'Add command..' -  Category „Online“  - Stop execution on handled exception

If then the exception occurs, the IEC code where this happens can be analyzed (see also OLH: PLC Log).

When an Exception error occurs from one of the CODESYS visualization elements, please set the compiler-define:


and send a full project archive, with the associated Callstack and a Core Dump, created at the time of the crash:

(See also the FAQ: Report problems and error messages to CODESYS - For reporting a runtime exception)

More detailed information can be found under Debugging a Visu Exception.

If you need technical support, please purchase a Support Ticket in the CODESYS Store.

  • Please note that certain products in the CODESYS Store already include a Support Ticket.
  • More detailed information will be given to you when you buy the products or will be sent to the purchaser and can be accessed there.

Also, if you have a question concerning the products in the CODESYS Store, or you want to report software bugs,
click on the "My Question" button next to the shopping cart symbol in the CODESYS Store.

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