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The standard dialogs are available in an open library and can therefore be edited.

In the following example, the color of a login dialog is to be adjusted.

Creating and using your own dialog

  • Open the existing library. This can be found in the directory "<CODESYS installation directory>\3S CODESYS\CODESYS\Projects\Visu\Dialogs\VisuUserMgmtDialogs.library". Save the project under a different name (in this example 'DemoVisuUserMgmtDialogs.library'). During the saving procedure you will be informed that the library is marked as release.

  • Confirm this dialog with Yes.
  • Modify the dialog, e.g. header and color.

  • Open the project information dialog (Menu Project\Project Information) and modify the title and standard namespace.

  • Save and install the new library.

Using the new dialog

  • Create a test project.
  • Insert the object "Visualization" under the application.
  • Insert a user management via the visualization manager.
  • Create a user.
  • The project must now be closed and opened again. The standard dialogs are now available.

  • Insert the new library via the library manager.

  • Make your dialog available in the visualization manager (tab "Visualizations").

  • Close and open the visualization manager.

  • Your dialog is then available.